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The Green Dot

Change the symbol, change the system: Two Degrees Creative’s open brief for designers and Branding Agencies.

The Challenge:

The Green Dot symbol means that a financial contribution has been made by the brand, or company, to a recycling system and the recovery of waste. However, it currently looks like a recycling icon - causing widespread confusion, and resulting in huge amounts of recycling contamination.

The Green Dot symbol is used by 130,000 companies, appearing on 400 billion packages every year and is regularly confused with the recycling symbol.


The Solution:

Our redesign of The Green Dot creates a currency icon, a receipt stamp of financial contribution and commitment to the environment.

The new symbol incorporates a number of elements: a bold capital G, our planet and ecosystem, and a leaf to represents clean nature. It also includes, in an abstract way a bird or a fish representing protection of wild life, and a coin inserted in a slot - a symbol of monetary contribution.

The redesigned icon eliminates the confusion with other recycling symbols and is easily recognizable on packaging even when printed in small sizes.

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