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The Gin Professors

Brand Identity and Website Design

The Gin Professors is a NYC based blog with a mission – raising awareness about gin with the US consumers through educational content, with the goal of developing strong relationships with gin distilleries and distributors, bars, and wine and liquor stores.

In order to build a sustainable brand we have developed a visual identity, graphic design, collaterals, and website design, to support the brand’s mission and goals. The identity revolves around a bespoke logo-mark and a color palette of natural colors inspired by the origin of gin making. The typeface Benton, a sans serif font, is providing high readability and reflecting the high standards and values of the brand. The identity is distinct and memorable, and can easily be adapted to future products released by the Gin Professors.

The Gin Professors target audience are college-educated professionals between the ages of 30 and 50. They are cocktail drinkers who have home bars, and are well traveled as well.


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