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The Agile Shepherd

Book Design, Cover Design, and Illustrations

Zeev Media took on the challenge of creating "The Agile Shepherd: Leading in the Age of Ideas" by Ethan T. Mayers. This case study explores their journey in designing a transformative management and leadership book.

With a focus on adaptability and innovation, Zeev Media crafted a visually compelling cover featuring the shepherd moons of Jupiter in trust-inspiring shades of blue, setting the tone for Mayers' principles of servant leadership.

Illustrations depicting the shepherd moons of Saturn maintaining order amid chaos visually reinforced Mayers' theories, serving as anchors for readers navigating 21st-century leadership challenges.

Through platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, 'The Agile Shepherd' reached leaders seeking guidance in managing change. Available in both paperback and hardcover, it became a catalyst for positive transformation.

Zeev Media's collaboration with Mayers resulted in more than just a book—it became a journey, guiding readers through the complexities of change and leadership with visual and intellectual clarity.

This project is featured on World Brand Design Society.

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