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Sapor Wines

Identity Design

Founded in Italy back in 2011, Sapor Wines produces and sells both white and red wines, of a fairly high standard and quality. It’s a medium sized business that is family owned and managed.

The Brief
Sapor is in need of a new logo design to represent it throughout Europe, as it plans to become more notorious and influential in the wine sector. The logo needs to help build a firm presence for the business, and create a memorable buzz around the name ‘Sapor’ - Even though the business was founded within Italy and is still based there today, the logo should not render the business confined to Italy or an Italian consumer base. The logo needs to allow Sapor to stand out from the competition within Europe, it needs to be original in nature, yet still have a firm place within the wine sector.


A modern and impactful logo, with a nod to mid-century Italian style, evoking a bespoke attention to details.

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