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On our Way To Jerusalem

Book and cover design

Tfarim Publishing

The Hebrew name chosen by Daniel Gal demonstrates the path traveled by Georges Goldenzeil from his birth in Algeria until becoming an Israeli ambassador. His memoires tell the fascinating story of extensive roots in Poland, childhood almost by chance in Algeria, and an ideological aliya to the young State of Israel. As a representative of the State of Israel, Daniel fulfilled many diplomatic assignments all over the world, always regarding himself as an emissary of the state whose role it was to speak on behalf of the country and to praise its accomplishments.

Yael Gal, formerly Jacqueline Alkalai, survived the horrors of the Holocaust in Europe. With the remnants of her family,  she travelled throughout the world, moving from France to Australia in the hope of building a new life after the calamity of her youth. Zionism, love of the Land of Israel and the People of Israel, led her to make her home in Israel and stand side-by-side with Daniel in his journeys throughout the world. Together they established a home and a family.

Today, in their permanent residence in Jerusalem, they have not forgotten that since their childhoods (the one in Algeria and the other in France), their hearts have throbbed with the hope and the knowledge that they were always on their way to Jerusalem.

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