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Museum of Bedouin Culture

Identity Design

Creating the logo for the museum was a real challenge: to present two clear but contradictory ideas. The concept was to create a logo that, on the one hand reflects a permanent residence, a home, as it characterizes the current Bedouin lifestyle. On the other hand, the tent represents an ancient heritage of wanderings and constant movement.

The lower part of the tent is stable, massive, attached to the ground, and its upper part becomes lighter and ephemeral, as if it is flying in the wind, spinning. The negative space within the tent creates the image of a home. The composite of the two buildings, the tent and the house into one another, seeks to hint at the transition processes that have been taking place in recent years on the Bedouin community in the south of Israel, and the need to preserve its material culture – a culture that is constantly integrated with hospitality.

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