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Brand Identity and Website Design

Zeev Media agency is proud to have successfully completed a project for LEHZAA, a luxury essentials brand that aims to recreate clothing staples for women of different body types. The objective of this project was to develop a professional and trustworthy brand identity and website that would establish LEHZAA as the must-have clothing brand of choice for women globally. Through extensive research, visual identity, and strategy, we were able to provide the correct solutions to achieve these goals.

The first objective of the project was to create a brand identity for LEHZAA. We designed a logo suite in standard format assets for screens and print, developed a brand color palette, paired primary and secondary typography, created a social media image, and Instagram feed template. We also prepared a brand guideline document that serves as a guide for the brand's visual identity.

The second objective was to establish an online global presence and recognition for LEHZAA as the must-have clothing brand of choice for women. To achieve this goal, we developed a brand-themed website.


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